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Bertin Technologies Group, A Global Offer For Defense & Security Applications

Current international events, with the resurgence of high-intensity conflicts, the return of pandemics, and the rise of global terrorism and homeland security issues, prove that there is no such thing as zero risk. In this increasingly instable world, we firmly believe that data and information are critical to take the advantage in modern battlefields and counter any threat, even the invisible ones – and this is what Bertin Technologies is all about: providing operators in the field with unrivalled sensing capabilities to significantly multiply forces.

Agility & Spirit of Innovation

We are proudly following the footsteps of our Bertin Technologies’ company founder Jean Bertin, a French engineer, and entrepreneur born in 1917. As a major player in the post-war cutting-edge research in France, Jean Bertin was a prolific inventor in the aeronautics and transport sectors and applied for more than 160 patents – an admirable character trait that he shared with his multi-disciplinary collaborators, when he founded Bertin & Co. in 1956.

Almost 70 years later, our Group counts more than 600 employees spread in different countries all over Europe and in other parts of the world. (USA, UAE, China and Malaysia)  

With our innovation and engineering DNA, we aim at providing state-of-the-art measurement, observation and detection systems and instruments for the most critical applications. Every day, the Group pursues technological advances in the demanding fields of Nuclear, Health, Life Sciences, Space and Big Science. The Defense and Security market is where we contribute the most. Because the stakes are high, we supply technologies that are instrumental in maintaining national sovereignty, achieving military dominance, and ensuring the effectiveness of the military and security forces in the field, every single day. This is why we develop sensing solutions that provide operators with a strategic advantage to outpace threats and targets, by offering early-warning and full situational awareness.   

3 Ranges of Solutions for 3 Types of Applications

The Group’s activities comprise three ranges of innovative, easy-to-use and -to-deploy solutions tailored for three types of use: Dismounted Soldier Equipment, Vehicle and Vessel Integration, and Unmanned Systems Integration. Among which:

  • Bertin Exensor provides Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) systems, featuring a toolbox of wireless and battery-powered sensors and cameras. This user-friendly and rapidly deployable system allows for the detection, classification and identification of threats and targets.
  • Bertin Environics, offers early warning solutions to monitor, detect and identify CBRN threats. From handheld equipment to full CBRN systems, Bertin Environics covers the full CBRN spectrum.
  • Bertin Winlight supplies optics and optronic components and systems offering end-users the ability to gather information, detect intrusions, target adversaries, and enhance driver vision and situational awareness in any night and day condition.

All our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, in Europe, where our production teams are committed to providing solutions that meet the highest quality standards. For those who protect us every day, those who are ready to put their life on the line, we will keep going further to equip them with the best sensing capabilities, to make sure they always remain one step ahead of the threats.

Flagship for CBRN Business Worldwide

Bertin Environics gathers the groups CBRN early-warning and detection solutions together providing the comprehensive solutions to global customers in various applications.

In addition to Bertin Environics’ original wide CBRN portfolio developed in past 35 years we are now able to extend our portfolio with long-range early-warning chemical and toxic cloud gas detector Second Sight MS and multiprobe radiological survey meter SaphyRad MS. With new colleagues and a wider research and talent base, we can serve our customers even better providing innovative CBRN solutions for their needs. 

Bertin Technologies’ global defence and security portfolio of solutions was showcased in Milipol Paris, that took place 14 – 17 November 2023 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte. From left to right: Bertin Technologies Group President Bruno Vallayer, Bertin Technologies Export Sales Manager Thierry Fourrier, Responsible for Business Development Defense & Security at Bertin Technologies Nicolas Guillemet, Bertin Technologies Managing Director Sylvain Millemann, Bertin Environics Area Manager Krister Liljegren, and former Bertin Technologies Export Sales Manager Nicolas Dewerdt.

Bertin Technologies Defence Solutions (including CBRN Security Solutions) are showcased next time together at Eurosatory 2024 in Paris where you have good opportunity to see what Bertin Technologies has to offer for you. 

This text had the valuable contribution of Bertin Technologies Content Marketing Manager Melissa Bastonero.

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Melissa Bastonero

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I am Melissa, responsible of content marketing for the Defense activity of Bertin Technologies since 2019. My appreciation and understanding of the CBRN sector have increasingly deepened thanks to the expertise of our product managers, application engineers, sales managers, and strategic marketing specialists, who always share their knowledge enthusiastically.

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