RanidPort Solutions

Portal detection solutions designed for fixed and mobile use: RanidPort-N, RanidPort-N Outdoors, and RanidPort Mobile.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Allows for very high sensitivity requirements to detect and identify all types of radionuclides.

Advanced Spectroscopic Portal Monitors

RanidPort solutions have a high volume NaI(Tl) scintillation detector, with rapid detection and identification capabilities, in presence of radioactivity or radioactive material.

Different solutions for pedestrian, vehicle, or cargo portal monitors, and even a mobile portal monitor is available.


Why Choose RanidPort Solutions

  • Large volume NaI (Tl) gamma detector

  • Neutron detection with high energy gamma radiation

  • Neutron booster in fixed applications

  • Indoor and outdoor solutions

  • Fixed and mobile applications

  • Flexible configuration: single or double sided and multiple detector portals for vehicle screening applications

  • Automated operation with optional camera surveillance system

  • Web server based Graphical User interface

  • MySQL based spectroscopic database

Image of RanidPort Solutions product

RanidPort-N Outdoors

Image of RanidPort-N Industrial product

Designed for rough outdoor applications.


Image of RanidPort-N made for fixed indoors applications

Designed for fixed indoor applications.

RanidPort Mobile

Image of RanidPort Mobile product

Designed for mobile use: car, boat, helicopter or airplane.



RanidPort different radiation portals can be used for locating orphan sources, or to detect illicit radioactive material trafficking.

Based on Environics unique reachback concept, these RN detection equipment have the capability to control data flow between remote units, databases, and reachback expert support centre.


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