Second Sight MS

Widest monitored Field of View with detection up to 5 km

CWA, TIC and Gas X detection, identification and visualization

Early warning by real time 24/7 detection

Second Sight MS

Real-time Multiple Chemical Gas Cloud Detection

Second Sight MS is a passive, long range chemical and toxic gas cloud detector that is ideally suited to military and civil defense operations due to its compact, lightweight and modular design.

Its multispectral infrared imaging system shows the localization of TIC’s and CWA’s as an overlay.


Why Choose Second Sight MS

  • Widest field of view: up to 60°x 45°

  • Best field surface scanning rate: > 350 °²/s

  • Multiple simultaneous gas tracking

  • Detection range of up to 5 km

  • 50 gas database (CWA/TIC/VOC/SIM)

  • Unknown gas, gas mixture and impure gas detection capability with Gas-X

  • Portable, easy to deploy and to set up

  • 360°pan monitoring with 90°tilt

  • Time to alarm: <10 seconds

  • Easy to use embedded graphic interface



Second Sight MS is the only standoff gas cloud detector for real time surveillance with source localization. It can be implememted on CBRN vehicles to increase the chemical detection capabilities. Remote monitoring from inside the vehicle provides full 360° surveillance of the chemical threat.

Second Sight MS is also ideal for being easily deployed in the event of a chemical accident, to detect a gas leak at a long distance.

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Product Manager