Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance

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Armoured CBRN
Reconnaissance Solution

Armoured CBRN reconnaissance vehicles have an active, key role in creating situational awareness, facilitating versatile CBRN reconnaissance, survey and surveillance in peace and wartime missions. The X-System provides a rugged CBRN Monitoring System designed and manufactured to endure the conditional requirements set by various military standards. Instrumentation is carefully selected in order to ensure reliable detection of CBRN agents from both outside and inside the vehicle.

The system capabilities can be further expanded by adding 3rd party identification devices and other operational components.


Why Choose X-System Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance

  • Agile 24/7 full CBRN preparedness and capabilities

  • Integrated cutting edge CBRN system from one supplier

  • Chassis independent solution for various vehicle sizes and mobility types

  • Full life-cycle support with maintenance and advanced training

Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance

CBRN Protection for Armoured Reconnaissance

This system solution features key capabilities such as:

• Operating Room featuring CBRN filtration
• Environmental sampling
• Detection & identification: CBRN sensors & analyzing instrumentation (stationary & portable)
• Meteorological measurement
• Area Marking for contaminated zones


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