EnviScreen Operix 2020

Sophisticated CBRN sensor networking & monitoring system software.

Designed to meet requirements of different CBRN monitoring applications.

Complete solution for CBRN monitoring, reporting, training and system maintenance.

CBRN Dedicated System Software

Compared to the generic software’s provided by numerous system integrators, EnviScreen Operix 2020 completes Environics CBRN System by offering application targeted tools for CBRN situation monitoring, operator guidance, operator trainings and system maintenance.


Why Choose EnviScreen Operix 2020

  • Real-time situation overview and sensor management from multiple locations

  • Integrated scenario planning & simulation tool

  • Automatic notifications from system preventive and immediate maintenance needs

  • Scalable software – meeting specific customer requirements cost effectively

  • Secured, reliable data communication utilizing SSL/AES encryption

  • Compatible for wide range of CBRN sensors & measurement devices

  • BWA and CWA/TIC detection optimization service



EnviScreen Operix 2020 is designed to meet operation and CBRN system requirements in different type of monitoring applications.

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Petri Kiukas

Product Manager CBRN Systems & Software