High performance tools for radionuclide identification.

Full reachback capability for remote expert support.

Integreatable to air samplers.

Full Reachback Capability

RanidProFX enables constant contact with the control centres, where experts can process the measurements for more in-depth analysis.

This kind of reachback capability ensures rapid verification of the threat, and enables immediate instructions for countermeasures, without the need for extensive training of local authorities’ personnel.


Why Choose RanidProFX

  • High sensitivity

  • Highly sophisticated detection algorithms

  • Very low false alarm rate through unique automatic energy stabilization routines

  • Full reach back capability

  • Easy to install and replace

  • Easy to use expert tool



RanidProFX is a resourceful tool that can be used to ensure the radiological safety of harbors, railways, or border control areas.

It can also serve as a fixed radiation monitoring tool during mass events or international summits, or simply for environmental monitoring, to grant natural background radiaton stays within the expected levels.

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Mikko Kilkki

Technical Product Manager Radiation