ENVI BioScout

3-in-1 Continuous bioaerosol monitoring.

Sample collection for further BWA analysis.

Robust design for use in demanding environmental conditions.

ENVI BioScout

3-in-1 Capability for Multifunctional Detection

Ambient air continuous monitoring.

Early Warning triggering for detected potential airborne biological threats including bacterial, viral and rickettsial agents and toxins.

Automatic air sample collection during a biological alarm.


Why Choose ENVI BioScout

  • 3-in-1: Continuous bioaerosol monitoring without consumables – alarms to issue early-warning – sample collection for further BWA analysis

  • Ease of continuous use and ease of maintenance – low lifecycle costs

  • Robust design for use in demanding environmental conditions

  • High sensivity and fast response

  • Available as a military graded ruggedized shell version

  • Specially designed for harsh military use in naval vessels and armored vehicles

Product image of ENVI BioScout with military graded ruggedized shell


This bioaerosol detector is a key player on enhancing bio-safety in fixed or mobile CBRN area and infrastructure monitoring systems. From transportation hubs such as airports, metro or train stations, to mass event protection. Its rugged version also allows for integration into armored CBRN reconnaissance vehicles and military naval vessels.

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