Patrol & Fire Boat Chemical Monitoring

Simple & cost-effective solution for chemical threat monitoring

Easily expandable to radiation & biological threat monitoring

Suitable for fire boats, patrol boats, fast attack boats, etc

Patrol & Fire Boat
Chemical Monitoring

Fast, agile boats are most likely to be among the first boats present at a CBRN incident area, and they need to have ability to take action in hazardous conditions.
The X-System provides a fast and reliable warning for the presence of possible Chemical, Biological and Radioactive hazardous substances, giving the ship crew response time to take protection measures for themselves and the vessel.


Patrol & Fire Boat Chemical Monitoring

  • Designed and tested for maritime use

  • COTS products enabling flexible design

  • Easy utilization

  • CWA & TIC monitoring

  • Over 30 years of proven expertise

X-System Architecture – Compact, scalable and modular solution for different vehicle types and customer needs.

CBRN Protection System for Patrol, Fire Boats, etc

The new X-System architecture enables to create optimized CBRN detection system to any vessel, regardless of its size or shape, for both defense use and civil security applications, like Coast Guard patrolling or Fire Fighting. ChemProX-DS is the core component of the X-System, allowing for both independent usage and system integration, and featuring a local display with full CBRN system status. COTS products RanidX and ENVI BioScout can be easily connected to ChemProX-DS, expanding the system for full CBRN threat monitoring.
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