Mass Events CBRN Monitoring

Mass gatherings or VIP committees may be appealing targets for intentional CBRN releases.
An attack against an international summit or a mass sports event, for example, can cause extensive human and financial losses. Easily deployable mobile CBRN monitoring capabilities give early-warning and enable protection and timely countermeasures to mitigate the consequences.

An intentional release of CBRN materials at a mass gathering or major public event can have serious consequences. Protection measures and well-planned deployment models are the more efficient way to be prepared and to tackle complex response procedures, capable of saving many lives.

Environics’ Mass Events CBRN Monitoring solutions are intended for setting up temporary CBRN detection capabilities for a variety of applications, rapidly and cost-efficiently. These can be VIP high-profile meetings or visits by dignitaries, international sports tournaments, cultural events, festivals, parades, etc.

Efficient mass event monitoring requires mobile and quickly deployable monitoring equipment and solutions, but in order to avoid unnecessary panic from the crowds it’s important that the CBRN detection and monitoring can be conducted without attracting unnecessary attention.


Why Choose Mass Events CBRN Monitoring Systems

  • Comprehensive situational view deployable in minutes

  • Full transportable CBRN system capability

  • Built to withstand 24/7 monitoring

  • Ease of use combined with low life-cycle costs and full life-time support


Usage Scenarios

  • VIP meetings and summits

  • Sports events

  • Cultural events

  • CBRN terrorist attacks

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