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Nowadays, chemicals can be found anywhere in the form of toxic industrial components ( and chemical warfare agents ( and thus pose real risks to the environment and human health During production, storage and transportation, the potential release and exposure to TIC is a hazard manufacturers are trying to avoid at all costs.

On the other hand, the discharge of CWA is meant to kill, injure or incapacitate unarmed civilians and must be anticipated, monitored, and responded to immediately.
To defend against chemical attacks and to give early warning of intended disasters, furthering a nation’s defensive capabilities against both criminals and terrorists seems to be an increasing necessity to guarantee the protection of critical assets their occupants To better anticipate and monitor any chemical threat, Bertin Instruments has developed the Second Sight MS, to detect gas clouds remotely. Convinced of the latter’s proven capabilities, our partner in the Middle East introduced it to a local National Guard to support the protection of major governmental events (political meetings, diplomatic and intergovernmental summits, etc.

Customer’s Needs

The fundamental mission of this institution is to protect the population and critical sites against intended (terrorist attacks) and unintended (natural disaster, accidental chemical release) threats.
That is why monitoring critical assets is essential in order to spot and localize gas clouds remotely. To secure governmental events, it is therefore crucial to be equipped with a precise and high performance instrument such as the Second Sight MS.

Bertin Environics Solution

Second Sight MS, a Standoff Gas Cloud Detector

Co-developed with the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA), the Second Sight MS is a ruggedized, chemical gas cloud detector dedicated to fixed or mobile surveillance and protection of critical infrastructures against CWA and TIC.

Gas cloud view for chemical threat detection with Second Sight MS.

Fitted with 3 lenses of 12°, 30° and 60° fields of view, the Second Sight MS enables to detect, identify and visualize gas clouds, at a maximum distance of 5km. Ideally suited for day and night supervision, this wide-angle camera allows for efficient surveillance and fast responsiveness in case of hazardous release such as gas X (impure, mixed or unknown), blister agents, nerve agents (Sarin, Tabun, etc.), and toxic industrial chemicals (Ammonia, Carbonyl Chloride, etc.). Only 10 seconds are necessary to sound the alarm and show the localization of noxious gases and the clouds’ movements.


As the supply of the Second Sight MS to a Middle-East National Guard demonstrates, Bertin Environics provides a highperformance detection solution to address the threat of chemicals’ release that could potentially harm people’s health. As an easy-to-deploy and to operate camera, the Second Sight MS is a lightweight, standalone solution with a large field of view to provide wide area surveillance capabilities, hence participating in the protection of the people and sensitive infrastructures during major events.

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