Building CBRN Monitoring

Experienced supplier with over 200 stationary CBRN system installations

CBRN solution with in-house COTS products for various building categories

Scalable and modular system architecture with connectivity and redundancy

Building CBRN
Monitoring Solution

The X-System CBRN Monitoring solution for building protection adds significant value to CBRN incident management, enabling timely threat detection and early warnings to initiate low and high regret countermeasures and confirmatory activities.


Why Choose X-System Building CBRN Monitoring

  • Scalable, modular and redundant system solution designed with proven CBRN expertise

  • Integrated cutting edge CBRN system from one supplier

  • Full life-cycle support with maintenance and advanced training

Featuring active and passive strategies for Building CBRN Protection.

CBRN Protection System for Infrastructures

Based on threats risks and vulnerability assessments, critical building areas are equipped with appropriate and proportional CBRN sensor systems. Typical sites for the sensor installations include air intakes, entrances, conference rooms, and reception sites for mail and cargo and roof tops.

Sensor and 3rd party system level integrations are supported by connectivity and interfacing features. This Building CBRN concept is a combination of key COTS CBRN system products and complementing 3rd party solutions to meet the most demanding requirements for CBRN protection.


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