Unmanned Chemical Reconnaissance

ChemProX can easily add chemical detection capability to your drone or robot

Adequate situational awareness and dependable intelligence are crucial for mastering a situation, without compromising the safety of the team. Unmanned Ground and Air Vehicles such as robots or drones can be an essential tool for reconnaissance and emergency response missions.

Out of the box solution for integration onto your drone or robot

ChemProX is easily and quickly mounted onto Unmanned Air Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles, without external hardware or software: everything essential — from powering to interfacing, and data transmission — is built-in, and chemical detection capability can be added to remotely controlled applications within minutes.

Detection information is easily accessed via a web browser based interface program, allowing for efficient surveillance of wide areas, in applications that are deployable within a few minutes. Furthermore, ChemProX chemical detector is also suitable for seamless 3rd party integration to the unmanned vehicle control system interface.


Why Choose ChemProX for Unmanned Chemical Reconnaissance

  • Platform independent

  • Simple and easy integration

  • Deployable within minutes

  • Dynamic communication for remote detector control

  • Built-in powering, interface, and wireless communication

  • Increased situational awareness

  • Full life-cycle support


Unmanned Chemical Reconnaissance Users

Easily deployable chemical detection capability for drones and robots used for field surveying by:

  • Reconnaissance teams

  • HAZMAT responders

  • Fire rescue teams

  • Special forces

  • Bomb squads

  • Military

ChemPro Handheld Chemical Detection mounted to drone or robot

System scalable according to the end-user’s needs. Operators can use ChemProX RU as a data access point to monitor and control the deployed ChemProX chemical detectors. For further details please check the Application Note.

ChemProX Deployment Kit

Dynamic 2-Way Communication for Remote Detector Control

Allows for a quick mounting of ChemProX chemical detector onto any type of unmanned vehicle.
Easily scales ChemProX usability based on the mission’s requirements.
Number of detectors in operation is easily increased with built-in wireless capabilities.
The detector is not physically tied to separate system or electronics, allowing for handheld usage.


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