ChemProX RU

ChemProX RU has a military proof rugged design and functions as a data repeater, remote alarm unit, and access point for ChemProX chemical detector.

ChemProX RU comes with an additional Alarm Module that allows this unit to give audible and visual alarms, with 360-degree visibility.

Repeater & Remote Alarm Unit

Allows for expanding the radio data coverage of ChemProX chemical detectors even further, and it also functions as data access point, bringing more flexibility to group use.

The Repeater & Remote Alarm Unit together with additional ChemProX Alarm Module can be used with ChemProX to enhance its alarm indications.


Why Choose ChemProX RU

  • Data repeater, and access point for ChemProX.

  • Remote alarm unit showcasing the status, alarm information, and location of all group members.

  • Allows for Unmanned Network usage, the operator doesn’t actually need to be physically close to the detector.

ChemProX RU repeater and remote alarm unit is ideal for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) / UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) applications.

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