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ChemProX is an early warning chemical detector that provides fast response and reliable measurement results. Since no consumables are required for detection, and due to its compact size, ChemProX is the ideal tool for field use, enabling any team to detect and classify CWA’s & TIC’s.

Xpand Your Safety

ChemProX is an early warning chemical detector that allows for full situational awareness during field operations.

It features a built-in simulation training mode and an embedded chemical database with operational instructions.

As a result, ChemProX enables any team to detect and classify CWA’s and TIC’s.

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Operator holding ChemProX chemical detector

Why Choose ChemProX

  • Wide range of detectable chemicals (CWA/TIC)

  • Built-in training mode

  • Wireless network connectivity

  • Built-in GPS and group location

  • Chemical database and instructions

  • Optimized usability

  • Lowest maintenance costs in its class

  • UAV & UGV use without integration

  • Optional full CBRN detection capability

ChemProX background elements ChemProX background elements


ChemProX is a versatile chemical detector therefore, it can be used both as a handheld equipment, or as stand-off component, as part of a field deployable network.

ChemProX chemical detection performance is proven to be effective many different applications. For example, in single use (when the device is used as a conventional chemical detector), group use, perimeter monitoring network use, unmanned ground and air vehicles use, among others.

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Handheld Chemical Detection Application Manager