Remotely Operated Chemical Detector

ChemProX undoubtedly distinguishes itself from other chemical detectors in diversity and versatility.

Because of the in-built communication features, the operator does not actually need to be personally operating the detector in order to get information of possible chemical threats.

ChemPro Handheld Chemical Detection - Perimeter Monitoring Network Use

ChemProX in Unmanned Network Use: infographics showcasing the devices interaction and data sharing in an unmanned standoff network.

This creates the possibility to transform a group of ChemProXs into a wireless unmanned network of detectors, that can monitor a delimited perimeter, like a military command post or even secure a critical area like residential zone, in a case of an industrial accident.

Portable Area Monitoring System

As each ChemProX has ability to send their status information up to 1 km in all directions over secured radio data, it is easy to change a group of handheld detectors into an area monitoring system, without the need and hassle to rely on conventional heavy area monitoring systems, that are burdensome and difficult to transport, especially in rough terrain.

ChemProX RU, Repeater & Remote Alarm Unit for ChemProX

With ChemProX RU repeater and remote alarm unit, introduced and released this spring by Environics, it is possible to expand the area coverage of the chemical detection network even further, as the RU-units function as data repeaters.


ChemProX RU repeater and remote alarm unit is ideal for unmanned applications.

Other function of the ChemProX RU is to replace ChemProX as data access point in C&C, so that the monitoring network can utilize all available detectors in perimeter monitoring.

DIY Perimeter Monitoring Network

In practice, setting up a ChemProX based monitoring network is a very simple procedure, and it can be established basically anywhere should the need arise.

Detectors and possible RU units that can be installed on tripods or strapped on to trees, light posts, or other connection points provided by nature or infrastructure, depending on the scene of use of the ChemProX detectors.

If the devices have already formed a radio data group, the only thing left is to establish the command post in a secure location, and establish the connection between ChemProX or RU unit and a laptop or tablet computer. After this is done, the status of all ChemProXs now installed to secure the perimeter, can be monitored from the distance.

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