First Response CBRN Monitoring

Accidents and terrorist activities involving CBRN material pose a challenge to First Responders who have to be prepared 24/7.

Bertin Environics provides state-of-the-art detection equipment, and cost-effective CBRN solutions for first responders to meet the requirements for covering the entire timeline of a CBRN incident. Because we are aware of the demanding conditions emergency responders face on the field, as well as the key role of preparedness on timely informed actions, we also have dedicated user training courses.


Why Choose CBRN Solutions for First Responders

Chemical threats symbol


  • Handheld detection of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC)
  • Minimal false alarm rate
  • Multisensor detection based on a unique, and 30-year proven, Aspiration type Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS, AIMS)
  • Full situational awareness across all team members, even before alarm triggering levels
  • In-built simulation training mode and operational instructions
  • Minimization of health risks by monitoring the presence of hazardous chemicals inside the cab
Biological Threat Symbol


  • Early detection of biological threats
  • Fast, simple, and reliable BWA identification
  • Separate assays for ricin toxin, botulinum toxin, anthrax, pox, plague, tularemia and SEB
  • No special training required
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  • Portable radionuclide identification
  • Accurate directional information of the radioactivity source location within seconds
  • Full reach back capabilities with easy-to-use expert solutions
  • Monitorization of the presence of hazardous levels of radiation inside the cab, caused by contaminated bunker gear

Usage Scenarios

  • Monitoring of mass events and high security meetings

  • Monitoring of industrial sites

  • Surveying of potentially hazardous areas

  • Hazardous chemicals detection

  • CBRN accidents

  • CBRN terrorist attacks

  • Customs & border control

  • Toxic chemical leaks

Key Components of a First Response CBRN Monitoring System

First response officers need to have a comprehensive situational view of the current CBRN threat scenario in minutes in an emergency incident, for continuous monitoring in the case of a mass event protection plan, or even for border monitoring.  Our system offers identification of radionuclides and certain bio agents as well detection and classification for TICs and CWAs. It is built to withstand 24/7 use and to be convenient to transport and deploy. Bertin Environics First Response CBRN Monitoring System includes:


New Generation Handheld Chemical Detector

ChemProX is a CWA & TIC earlywarning handheld chemical detector which allows for real-timesituational awareness. It features wireless communication network with GPS, a built-in simulation mode for training, and it is based on an in-house developed proven and enhanced technology.

ENVI Assay System

Biodefence Tests

ENVI Assay System is a high quality and proven test method for early detection and BWA identification, and the most compact immunoassay “lab-ina-box” in the market. We have available disposable, separate assays for seven highly poisonous hazardous agents: ricin toxin, botulinum toxin, Bacillus anthracis anthrax, orthopox virus, SEB, Yersinia pestis and Francisella tularensis.


Ranionuclide Identifier Backpack & Source Location

RanidPro200 is a high performance and simple tool for radionuclide search, identification and location, featuring an operator friendly easy user interface with internal mapping & history functions. It can be controlled remotly through a smartphone interface and allows full reach back capability.

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