Armoured CBRN Monitoring

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Compact solution with in-house COTS products

Scalable & modular system architecture

CBRN Monitoring Systems

The X-System meets the needs set by the different roles and operational contexts of armoured vehicles in all sizes and mobility categories. Tested for uncompromised performance in demanding military use, the CBRN concept provides and forwards timely early-warning for CBRN threats and situational awareness and guidance for smart use of protective and other appropriate countermeasures.


Why Choose X-System Armoured CBRN Monitoring Systems

  • One single supplier for the entire CBRN monitoring solutions

  • Compact, scalable and modular solution

  • Effortless integration and use

  • Performance tested against appropriate MIL Standards

  • Full life-cycle support

X-System Architecture – Compact, scalable and modular solution for different vehicle types and customer needs.

New X-System Architecture

The new X-System’s architecture scales effectively from single point detection to more comprehensive systems, covering monitoring of internal and external CBRN threats encountered in vehicle environment. This is a chassis independent solution.

This robust design of armoured CBRN systems is built upon the proven expertise in the field, summing up high usability, feasibility, cost-effectiveness and maintainability demands set by vehicle manufacturer, integrators and operators.

The X-System architecture enables to create optimized CBRN detection systems to the various categories, sizes and operational roles of armoured vehicles.

MBT – Main Battle Tanks

IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicles

APC – Armored Personnel Carriers

HACV – Heavy Armament Combat Vehicles

LMV – Light Multirole Vehicles

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