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From Early-Warning to Protective Measures

Modern battlefields and threat landscapes are typically evolving and complex, and may involve intentional use of CBRN threat agents both by state and non-state actors and accidental releases. CBRN threat agents encountered by armored vehicles and their crew have potential impacts in armed conflicts, peace-keeping and peace-making, humanitarian and civil assistance, disaster relief, counter-proliferation and counter-terrorism.

The overall CBRN defense in armored vehicles aims to minimize losses, protect forces and retain effective and fast operation by avoidance of contamination, protection and decontamination. The preparedness against CBRN threats shows in the level of armored vehicle design and its life supporting systems, including the related specialized instrumentation for CBRN monitoring and detection. The role and operational context of different armored vehicle platforms affect the type and the scale of CBRN protection and monitoring solutions implemented. One of the most important criteria for the selection of CBRN monitoring solutions to an armored vehicle shall be formed by the application and operational needs – this will lead to implementation of appropriate and proportional, but still cost-effective CBRN monitoring solutions that serve the purpose optimally, without compromising the performance in real-life situations.

Environics provides scalable CR monitoring solutions for different armored vehicles, covering their various categories and sizes.

Environics provides scalable monitoring solutions for different armored vehicles, covering their various categories and sizes.

This is true both for CBRN reconnaissance vehicles with full CBRN capabilities and to armored combat vehicles with essential needs for timely early-warnings and immediate initiation of protective measures.  CBRN monitoring systems for armored combat vehicles can be considered as integral companions to effective and smart use of CBRN filtration systems and an element of gaining situational awareness on the CBRN hazards – both in the single vehicle level and as a part of a bigger CBRN scheme.

Selection of a reliable, experienced and agile partner for supplying CBRN monitoring solutions to armored vehicle programs, involving either retrofitting or completely new designs, will have effect on the degree of time, money and efforts required by the vehicle integrators and manufactures themselves for this special area of expertise. It also aids to make informed CBRN architecture decisions, to achieve the complete product experience and differentiation in the armored vehicle concept.  In the short and long run, the selection will have impact on the user experience, the overall success of the projects and building a lasting relationship with customers that need and care about the armored vehicles as crucial elements for their missions.

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Katja Kiukas

(FORMER) CBRN Application Manager

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