Featuring a wide range of smart probes

New ergonomic design with built-in simulation function for training

Designed for operations in harsh environments


Handheld Multiprobe Radiation Survey Meter

SaphyRAD MS is a handheld multiprobe survey meter for radiation contamination detection and exposure monitoring.
Its comprehensive range of probes allows for the detection of gamma, alpha, beta, neutron and X radiation, as well as gamma identification.
SaphyRAD MS features an built in simulation mode for training.



Why Choose SaphyRAD MS

  • Designed for operation in harsh environments

  • High resolution and large color LCD display

  • Built in simulation function for training

  • Designed for use with full CBRN PPE

  • Built-in GPS

  • Specific algorithm for very fast and reactive detection

  • Wide dose rate range 0,05 μ Gy /h to 10 Gy /h

  • Comprehensive range of external smart probes for source search and multiple contamination measurement

  • Specially designed for use by non-radiation specialists

SaphyRAD MS Kits

Different Dedicated Probes for Enhanced Field Performance

SaphyRAD is available in three different strategically selected packages of probes to cover all radiological contamination scenarios.

Standard Kit

SaphyRAD MS Detector
βγ Probe
High Sensitivity Gamma Probe
Simulation Kit

Safety Kit

SaphyRAD Standard Kit
Alpha Probe
X-ray Probe

Emergency Kit

SaphyRAD Standard Kit
X-ray Probe
Wound Probe



Specially designed to be used with full personal CBRN protective clothing, this rugged, user-friendly device is well adapted to military operations in harsh environments. SaphyRAD MS is also the ideal tool for emergency control of radiological contamination.


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Product Manager