SaphyRAD MS Probes

Wide range of smart probes for X-rays, alpha, beta and gamma radiations detection and measurement.

Ruggedized design for military, hazmat and first responders operations.

SaphyRAD MS Probes

Designed to Meet the Operational Needs of the Armed Forces, HAZMAT Teams & First Responders

These highly innovative probes have many functions such as the detection and measurement of alpha, beta, gamma, neutron, and X radiation, as well as the identification of gamma radiation and the monitoring of radioactive contamination inside wounds.

The SaphyRAD MS probes are easily connected to the device, using a cable and a plug on the side of the meter. They are then automatically recognized and powered by the monitor.


SaphyRAD MS Probes’ Features

Source Tracking & Radiation Localization

Gamma Probe

Very high detection sensitivity (500x more sensitive than GMs)
Plastic scintillator 145 cm³ + ZnS layer
Sensitivity: 1000 c / s / μSv / h (137Cs)
Energy Range: 30 keV to 1.5 MeV

Detection of beta contamination (direct or smear)

αβγ Probe

Universal detection alpha, beta, gamma
Pancake GM 16 cm²
Sensitivity: 0.15 c/s/Bq (60Co)
Energy Range: Emax > 100keV

Detection of alpha contamination (direct or on filter)

Alpha Probe

Sensitivity for alpha radiation
ZnS layer on 123 cm² thick plastic
Sensitivity: 0.23 c / s / Bq (241Am)
Energy Range: 3 to 8 MeV

Detection of low energy X-ray and gamma radiation

X-ray Probe

Contamination monitoring at several tens of cm
CsI Ø 38mm, thickness 1 mm
Sensitivity: 8,5 cm5 c / s / kBq (241Am)
Energy Range: 10 to 70 keV


Neutron Probe

Very high sensitivity neutron detection
He3 Tube at 6 atm
Sensitivity: 37.4 c / s / μGy / h (253Cf)
Energy Range: 50 keV to 15 MeV

Detection of alpha contamination in wounds

Alpha Pencil Probe

Sorting of victims to bring appropriate medical care using the wound probe
CdTe active surface 25mm² (Alpha emitter detection by X-ray detection)
Sensitivity: ~0.068 c / s / kBq (241Am @ 5 cm)
Energy Range: 10 keV to 20 keV

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