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Bertin Environics develops, designs, and supplies integrated solutions for full CBRN situational awareness.
Bertin Environics CBRN safety solutions aim for monitoring and detecting chemical, biological, and radiological threats.

We are a Finnish company with an over 30-year experience from improving CBRN safety around the world, based in technologies developed in-house and system solutions. Thus, different safeguarding organizations in 50 countries, from civil defence and homeland security to the military, have already chosen us as their partner in CBRN threat detection.

We provide CBRN safety solutions for different applications such as: Naval & Maritime CBRN Monitoring, Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance, Armoured CR Monitoring, Light CBRN Reconnaissance, Building CBRN Monitoring, Border CBRN Monitoring, Tactical CBRN Area Monitoring, Mass Events CBRN Monitoring, and Unmanned Chemical Detection for Unmanned Vehicles (UAVs and UGVs).

Our portfolio of products includes devices for chemical detection and classification, biological detection and identification, radiological detection and identification, mobile CBRN monitoring, and a CBRN dedicated system software.

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Highlighted product

Our Early Warning Handheld
Chemical Detector Featuring:

  • CWA & TIC detection with proven technology
  • Unique trend-line for locating unknown chemicals
  • Training mode & built-in wireless connectivity
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Bertin Environics CBRN experts participated in numerous complex safety projects throughout the years. Together with other stakeholders, they successfully implemented CBRN monitoring capabilities to different mobile and fixed installations.

CBRN Safety Solutions

Over 200 Fixed cbrn system installations



Fixed CBRN Systems

Over 100 Fixed ship cbrn systems



Naval CBRN Systems

Over 100 Vehicle installations



Vehicle CBRN Systems

Over 18000 Cwa/tic detectors delivered



CWA/TIC Detectors