CBRN System Solutions for Boats & Other Vessels Under 35ft

In this approximately 10min session specially tailored for a North American audience, Business Development Manager Naval Systems Jason Algarin starts by contextualizing the current situation of Bertin Environics within the Bertin Technologies group and as a world-class company with solid roots and expertise in the CBRN industry and business.

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The expertise of Bertin Environics is reflected in the development of the X-System, a state-of-the-art solution for naval and maritime CBRN monitoring. This system exemplifies the innovative spirit of Bertin Technologies, featuring scalable architecture that can be customized to suit various operational needs from small patrol boats to large naval fleets. This system not only detects but also helps manage CBRN threats, enhancing onboard safety and operational continuity.

Smaller vessels under 35ft play a crucial role in maritime operations due to their agility and speed. They are often the first on the incident scene, specially in harbor areas and busy sea traffic zones near the coast line. Ensuring these vessels have the necessary CBRN monitoring capabilities is vital for their effectiveness.

This session focuses on the importance of CBRN threat early-warning for specific customer groups utilizing vessels under 35ft such as:

  • Defense and special forces
  • Coast guard and police
  • Fire and rescue authorities
  • Port authorities
  • Unmanned surface vessels (USV)

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