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What really differentiates ChemProX from other chemical detectors are its in-built communication features.

These features allow operators to form a device group with secure radio data connection, and share their device status with other group members, in real time. Or, in other words, “they can see what others are seeing”.

chemprox-chemical-detector-group use

ChemProX UI in Group Use (from left to right): geo location view, map view, group view, group view with alarm levels.

Communication Feature

Xperience Real-time Situational-awareness

Communication is established not only between the operators and the command & control, but also between each team member that is equipped with ChemProX.

Since the status information and location of each detector is visible to each team member during the whole mission, the team is able to maximize its focus on necessary actions: for instance, if one member gets an alarm or the trend line starts to rise indicating that the relative chemical concentration level is rising, the whole team can act in unison focusing its efforts to where the chemical concentration level is the highest.

With this method it is possible to determine the boundaries of a contaminated area from multiple directions at the same time.

ChemPro Handheld Chemical Detection - Communication Network for Shared Data

ChemProX in Group Use: infographics showcasing the how network connection allows for real-time situational-awareness on the field.

ChemProX & Data Security

ChemProX detectors communicate with each other over secured, LoRa- based radio data. The frequency range used is between 2400 MHz – 2483.5 MHz and in this range there are 39 channels to choose from.

All the detectors in same channel share their status information if the information sharing is enabled. Radio data is secured by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit key, so all the shared information is safe and secured.

ChemProX Communication menu

ChemProX options available in the communications menu

“Houston, We Have a Problem”

If things in the hot-zone get too “hot”, the commander can send an evacuation order to each detector from the Mobile Command & Control (CCT) software.

Establishing a command post is made extremely easy.

ChemProX radio access point configuration assistant

ChemProX features an in-built radio data group configuration assistant.

Any platform with Wi-Fi connection and web browser can be used to access CCT-software, that is in-built in every ChemProX. This means that basically any cell phone, tablet or laptop PC can be utilized as a platform to get quick overview of the surroundings, with measurement information from each ChemProX available.

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