The Main Purpose of an Early Warning Chemical Detector

In this less than 20min webinar, Application Manager Teemu Partanen tells about the role and main purpose of early warning detectors — such as ChemProX — of being the first to give indication of a chemical threat, preserving not only the operator’s safety, but also everyone else in their surrondings.

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Early warning detectors should also help the operator determine the type and scale of the chemical threat. Be it a CWA or a TIC it is of utter importance to determine the contaminated area.

Application Manager Teemu Partanen explains why ChemProX perfectly fulfils its role as a chemical early-warning detector.

Key Features in Early Warning Detection

Early warning detectors need to…

  • … have small dimensions
  • … be accurate
  • … be fast on returning results
  • … run on battery for a certain time
  • … be possible to use in field conditions
  • … be military graded
  • … etc

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