ChemProX Deployment Kit

ChemProX Deployment Kit serves for easily adding chemical detection capability to drones & robots.

ChemProX Deployment Kit delivers an integrated solution for a quick mounting of ChemProX onto multiple types of unmanned vehicles.

Repeater & Remote Alar Unit

ChemProX RU

Data repeater, remote alarm unit and access point for ChemProX detector network. It enables dynamic 2-way communication and remote control of the mounted chemical detector. ChemProX RU also provides user interface and access to CCT software.

ChemPro RU as a component of ChemProX Deployment Kit
Quick & Easy Mounting

Vehicle Holder

Easy and out-of-the-box mounting solution for ChemProX that can be used on multiple platforms such as drones or robots the organizations already own, as long as their payload allows for docking ChemProX (and ChemProX RDM) weighting approximately 1 kg ( 35 oz).

Vehicle Holder as a component of ChemProX Deployment Kit
Radiation Detector Module

ChemProX RDM

Plug ‘n play accessory for ChemProX that broadens its use to simultaneously detect radiological and chemical threats. When connected to the detector, the interface menu is automatically updated with radiation detection features such as accumulated dose rate.

ChemPro RDM as a component of ChemProX Deployment Kit

Why Choose ChemProX Deployment Kit

  • CWA & TIC detection

  • Out of the box solution for your drone or robot

  • Simple and easy installation onto different types of unmanned vehicles

  • Deployable within minutes

  • Dynamic communication for remote detector control

  • Built-in powering, interface, and wireless communication

  • Optional radiation detection

ChemProX background elements ChemProX background elements


ChemProX Deployment Kit is a platform independent detection set, that when mounted onto an UAV or UGV features dynamic 2-way communication that allows the operator to remotely control the device.

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