Latest ChemProX Software Update Focused on Enhancing User Experience in UAV & UGV Applications Usage of ChemProX

ChemProX in-built Mobile C&C and Training Software features have been optimized to better support unmanned usagein UAV & UGV applications, for instance when the chemical detector is mounted onto a drone or a robot, during reconnaissance and surveying missions.

The latest version of Mobile C&C and Training Software released in January 2022 allows the operator for remotely adjust the detector’s settings according to the ever-changing field requirements.

This Software version enhances ChemProX capabilities of situational overview, when the environment conditions are too dangerous for human exposure. Utilizing the unique trend line display, the operator can remotely monitor even small changes in the atmosphere, and “see” hazardous chemicals before alarm triggering levels.

The latest Mobile C&C and Training Software enables the operator to both change detection mode and check the trend line evolution remotely.

ChemProX Software changing detection modes remotely when device mounted onto a UAV & UGV.

Changing detection modes remotely in ChemProX in-built Mobile C&C and Training Software.

ChemProX Software checking trendline remotely while using UAV & UGV applications.

ChemProX in-built Mobile C&C and Training Software showcasing trend line before (on the the right) and after alarm (on the left).

ChemProX Software maps view.

Visualization of the various group devices status and location on map in ChemProX in-built Mobile C&C and Training Software. This allows for full situational awareness without endangering team members.

Since the launch of ChemProX new generation handheld chemical detector, frequent software updates have been released. ChemProX users can easily verify if their device’s software version is updated, by simply accessing ChemProX Update Station online, and inserting the serial number plus a security code. Updates can be installed via ChemProX’s Interface Program or utilizing a USB data storage containing the downloaded update file.

ChemProX Update Station mockup in laptop.

Visualization of ChemProX Update Station. The user can check for multiple devices updates simultaneously, and get access to instructions and customer support assistance.