ChemProX CBRN Kit

ChemProX CBRN Kit is a comprehensive set that expands ChemProX next generation handheld chemical detector for full CBRN threat detection.

ChemProX CBRN kit delivers a broad CBRN monitoring experience with simultaneous chemical and radiation detection, and identification of biological threats.

Radiation Detector Module

ChemProX RDM

Plug ‘n play accessory for ChemProX that broadens its use to simultaneously detect radiological and chemical threats. When connected to the detector, the interface menu is automatically updated with radiation detection features.

ChemProX RDM

ChemProX Radiation Detector Module

Biological Threat Detection

ENVI Assay System

High quality and proven test method for early detection, and BWA identification. ChemProX CBRN kit contains two of each ENVI Assay biodefence tests. The bio-memo function allows for saving the test results in the alarm memo of ChemProX.

ChemProX bio-memo UI

ENVI Assay System Biodefence Tests

ChemProX Simulation Source Set

Source set used with the integrated training mode for creating various types of training scenarios.

ChemProX Charging Station

Enables quick charging of two Li-ion batteries simultaneously, in approximately 2 hours.

ChemProX Charging Station

ChemProX Charging Station

Ethernet Adapter & Alarm Module

Connects ChemProX to a PC using an ethernet cable. Enhances audible/visual alarms.

ChemProX Ethernet Adapter & Alarm Module

ChemProX Ethernet Adapter & Alarm Module

ChemProX Bio-memo UI

Why Choose ChemProX CBRN Kit

  • CBRN detection capability in one package

  • Simultaneous chemical and radiation detection

  • Internal bio test memo

  • Chemical, biological and radiation detection results sharing with the team

  • Bluetooth gas & vapor simulation sources to use with in-built training mode

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