Multiple Ways of Utilizing ChemProX

The Webinar Series #1

Incident management and emergency response require informed decision making. Providing easily integratable chemical detection system for drones and robots used for field surveying by reconnaissance teams, HAZMAT responders, and special forces — such as bomb squads — enables adequate situational awareness. Actionable intelligence is crucial for mastering an evaluation, without compromising the safety of the team.

In ChemProX, Unmanned Ground & Air Vehicles Use webinar, Handheld Chemical Detection Product Manager Mika Saarinen explains the simple concept of utilizing ChemProx on an unmanned or uncrewed vehicle, be it a robot or a drone.

As a “Plug ’n’ Play” solution all it takes is a simple mount, no need for recurring to external power.

ChemProX Drone

Gain access to exclusive video footage of ChemProX drone testing.

As the author states in the ChemProX, Unmanned Ground & Air Vehicles Use related blog article, since no additional hardware for powering or networking is required, mounting ChemProX to an unmanned vehicle and opening the monitoring interface from a device with an access to a web browser, can be done within minutes – thus making ChemProX extremely quickly deployable.

ChemProX, Unmanned Ground & Air Vehicles Use – Blog Article

This approximately 20min session, will provide valueable insights on the benefits of using ChemProX for integrating chemical detection capabilities to any UAV or UGV:

  • Simple and light system
  • No additional software or hardware integrations
  • Deployable in few minutes
  • All software built-in – Accessed via any device with web browser
  • Works essentially on multiple different drones
  • Broad situational awareness in a quick and flexible package

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