Vulnerability of Building Environment to CBRN Threats

Why Buildings?

In “CBRN Threats in Buildings” webinar, Application Manager Katja Kiukas will explain why certain types of buildings are particularly attractive and vulnerable to CBRN threats releases.

what types of buildings are vulnerable to cbrn threats

Governmental, military, transportation hubs, office buldings, industrial buldings, etc.

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From Risk Assessment to Effective Protection Strategy

Katja Kiukas will also tell about the following topics:

  • Levels of building vulnerability to CBRN threats
  • Assessment of threats, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Components of building protection
  • Active and passive strategies for building protection
  • From early-warning alarms to effective countermeasures
  • Why Environics should be your partner in CBRN building protection
  • Why maintained preparedness translates into practical wisdom
Katja Kiukas in CBRN Threats in Buildings

Application Manager Katja Kiukas explains that when the worst happens and time is your enemy, it should be cristal clear what to do next.

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