Massachusetts HazMat owns over a dozen ChemPro100is that they use as a “super sniffer” and gas/vapor classifier and identifier for routine HazMat calls.  But the ChemPro100i also is a Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) detector that can help to detect and mitigate potential terrorist events using both CWAs and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). Because Massachusetts HazMat relies on their ChemPro100is for everyday responses they did not want to take them from all their HazMat rigs across the state to support the enhanced response to this year’s Boston Marathon. David Ladd, Director of Massachusetts HazMat, asked Environics USA if it was possible to loan them some ChemPro100is for the event. Environics USA periodically provides their demo fleet to good customers to support national level events so 14 units were loaned to Massachusetts HazMat for the Boston Marathon.  David said “Environics USA’s generous loan of 14 ChemPro100is allowed us to keep our normal ChemPros on our trucks and still support the marathon effort without compromising our ability to respond to routine HazMats across our state.”