Superior Open-loop IMS Detection

Environics chemical detection technology is already protecting First Responders and firefighters all over the world.
Thousands of Environics’ chemical detectors are being used every day by First Responders and HAZMAT teams in the USA and Canada to quickly and easily detect and localize numerous chemical threats.

Recently the US DHS FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has expressed their intention to supplant the Lightweight Chemical Detector (LCD) with another multi-unit purchase of ChemPro100i detectors due its “technologically superior IMS”. With this recent purchase they will expand their robust chemical threat response training capability. The Center of Domestic Preparedness (CDP) continues to view the ChemPro100i as the “sole, viable alternative to the LCD.”

Environics latest handheld chemical detector, ChemProX, also relies on this same superior open-loop IMS detection technology and has other noticeable user enhanced features.

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Source: Environics ChemPro100i w/CBRN Detectors