CBRN System Solution for Naval & Maritime Applications

In this approximately 13min session, CBRN Application Manager for Naval CBRN System Solutions Arto Penttinen will walk you through the key features and benefits of the new X-System solution for Naval & Maritime CBRN Monitroing Applications.

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Start by understanding the CBRN threat and why CBRN Monitroing is needed in offshore, litoral areas or harbours, both during piece time and war time, since this type of incident can be of intentional or accidental nature.

Naval & Maritime CBRN Monitoring – CBRN System Solution for Naval & Maritime Applications features also the promotional video of X-System.

Throughout this presentation Arto Penttinen also tackles and discusses other important aspects such as:

  • The cornerstones that support the new X-System concept.
  • Why Environics is an ideal single supplier for Naval & Maritime CBRN Solutions.
  • How the new X-System architecture allows for a flexible and scalable system solution.
  • External protection of the vessel, internal protection of the crew and radiation in water detection.
  • All the key COTS components of the X-System:

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