Preparations are ongoing for a major exercise taking place in Mikkeli, Finland, on September 15th

Local newspaper “Länsi-Savo” announced today that arrangements being done for a major exercise regarding preparedness against a radiation accident situation. The exercise is hosted and organized by local South Savo Rescue Department, and will involve first response authorities from 10 EU countries.

Environics detectors — RanidPro200 (with Spectrometric Radiation Source Locator RanidSOLO) and Ranid Port Mobile — as well as CBRN dedicated system software — EnviScreen Operix 2020 — were selected to be featured in the measurement and testing activities.

Translation of the original article below:

South-Savo Rescue Department organizes a large exercise in Mikkeli, Karkialampi – Participants coming from ten EU countries

The exercise prepares the participants for a radiation accident by testing the measurement equipment and map application. One of the aims of the exercise is to draw up a general guide for the authorities on how to proceed after finding a radiation source.

Preparations are being made for an exercice to take place on September 15th in the Karkialampi garrison area in Mikkeli, for a situation where a radioactive radiation source would be found in the terrain.

This is an international rescue exercise involving 15 organizations from ten EU countries.

The exercise tests the measurement equipment and the map application in a threatening situation. The suppliers of equipment include Environics Oy from Mikkeli.
The exercise is organized by the South-Savo Rescue Department and involves the police and defense forces of Eastern Finland.

According to the South-Savo Rescue Department, the event trains the co-operation and action of the authorities in an emergency situation. In addition, methods and technology for assisting in radiation safety accidents are tested. The aim is to draw up guidelines for the authorities in situations where a source of radioactive radiation is found.

The South Savo Rescue Department states in its release that the exercise does not pose a danger to the participants, the environment or the residents.