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Environics’ latest state-of-the art chemical detector, ChemProX is easily integrated into unmanned vehicles, without external hardware or software: everything essential — from powering to interfacing, and data transmission — is built-in.

The case study presented in this white paper showcases different features and chemical detection capabilities of ChemProX while used in unmanned air vehicle applications. This particular test was conducted in Muurame, Finland in August 2020, where the test agenda consisted of testing chemical detection capabilities of ChemProX, as well as its multiple ways of transmitting measurement and location data wirelessly.

Drone Test Equipment & Environment

Date: August 10th, 2020
Location: VideoDrone Oy, Muurame, Finland
Weather: Clear, approx. +20°C (68°F), wind 5m/s (11 mph)
Drone: VideoDrone (nowadays Nordic Drones) drone X4S + Custom made mounting bracket for ChemProX
Drone payload: max 2,5kg (5.5 lbs)

ChemProX Chemical Detector
ChemProX RU (Remote Unit) that acts as an access point / repeater for the detector network
Tablet PC (running ChemProX UIP and CCT software + map of Finland)
4 plastic containers that contained a small amount of Ethanol (98%) + DIMP (2%) mixture

The case study includes:

Testing of Radio Data Communication
Testing of WiFi Communication
Testing of Gas Detection

Watch Webinar: ChemProX, Unmanned Ground & Air Vehicles Use

ChemProX mounted onto a drone approaching the containers with the hazardous chemical substance, and trend line reacting to it.

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Product Manager Handheld Chemical Detection

I am Mika, a relatively new face in the CBRN business and eagerly learning new things every day. I have grown my expertise especially in the handheld chemical detection segment bringing fresh thoughts and insights to the subject.

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