The Next Chapter of Environics History

Acquisition by Bertin Technologies Finalized in December 2022

Environics has recently started a new and interesting chapter of its already successful journey through the CBRN world, when the acquisition by the French group Bertin Technologies was finalized  last December. In addition to new owners, over 500 new colleagues, 12 new office locations, and a wider range of safety solutions, this process will also affect Environics as a brand, translating on a new logo and name.

Bertin Technologies group international footprint after Environics acquisition.

We Are Now Bertin Environics

Environics and its subsidiary Environics USA will be re-branded as Bertin Environics, to be better recognized as new member of the Bertin Technologies group. The new company name and logo will be taken into use throughout the upcoming months, across different media and platforms, and will eventually replace Environics current logo and name in all company branding instances.

Bertin Environics branding will be firstly effective in digital channels such as social media and website and by the end of May you will be able to locate us under one brand, at the Fontevraud 2023 – NRBCe Symposium, taking place at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud (in France), and organized by GIE Défense NBC for the CRBRN international community.

Bertin Environics new logo, officially approved on February 2023. The new logo keeps visual resemblance with the previous Environics Oy brand by keeping the main blue shades, and typography on the word “environics”, while being aligned with the group’s visual identity too.

But please bear with us for a while, as this change won’t happen overnight. During the transition process there will be a nice mixture of “something new” and “something old” still for a while.

Environics name and logo may change, but the people, expertise, partner network and mission to “Sense & Detect for a Safer World” will remain the same. We will broaden our capacity and resources to continue moving forward providing even better and more comprehensive CBRN safety solutions to our global customer base.

Flagship for CBRN Business Worldwide

On a corporate level, the group Bertin Technologies splits its expertise in 3 divisions:

Bertin InstrumentsNuclear Detection, Health Physics & CBRN
Bertin Instruments designs & manufactures scientific instruments for critical applications in the fields of Nuclear & Health Physics, and Defence against CBRN threats.

Bertin PhotonicsSurveillance & Protection, Space & Big Science
Bertin Photonics designs and develops high performance optical & optronic components and systems.

Bertin Health & Life SciencesHospital Waste Management & Life Sciences
Bertin Health & Life Sciences has developed Sterilwave, an on-site solution for the treatment of hospital waste, and designs and manufactures instruments for lab equipment.

Bertin Environics is located under Bertin Instruments division, becoming the group’s flagship for CBRN business worldwide.

Over 65 Years of Innovation

Bertin Technologies is an industrial group in high-end instrumentation for critical applications, aiming at protecting the environment, people and nations, and to improve scientific knowledge.

Having an even deeper root than Environics, having started its’ story already in 1956, when the adventure of Bertin & Cie started. Already during the first years the company founded by Jean Bertin made a series of discoveries and innovations, particularly in the nuclear, defence and transportation sectors.

In 2003, Jean Bertin was named one of the 100 most influential personalities of the 21st century — alongside Charles Lingberg and Neil Armstrong — in 2021, Bertin equipments landed on Mars on board the Perseverance robot sent by NASA. Environics couldn’t be prouder of taking part of this already impressive story.

Would You Like to Know More?

If you are looking forward for getting further clarifications on Bertin Environics re-branding process, access to logos, etc, please feel free to get in touch with our marketing team.

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