No more difficult radiation source logistics and only use of calibration sources

The early warning chemical detector ChemProX got its training and simulation capabilities expanded. As it is well known, this CWA and TIC handheld detector’s performance can be increased utilizing the Radiation Detection Module (RDM). But now the RDM has also inbuilt simulation features! Training field breakers – BLE chemical sources set is expanded with 3 types of BLE sources for radiation detection training too.

With ChemProX BLE radiation simulation sources instructors can easily create training scenarios ranging from point radiation contamination to areas of over 31 000 square meter (over 3 hectares) with one simulation source.

Activating and using the training radiation simulation sources is as simple as possible. Just connect the RDM module into ChemProX and activate the training mode. For the BLE simulation source itself, active it by turning the battery. Everything is ready in about 10 seconds, with the same device that can be used to detect chemical and gamma radiation, meaning no more separate tools for chemical and radiation detection, and discarding the need for expensive external simulators and gadgets for training.

ChemProX RDM (Radiation Detection Module) and ChemProX BLE radiation simulation sources.

By these means, the only thing ChemProX needs for enabling radiation simulation scenarios is the Radiation Detection Module ChemProX RDM if the user doesn’t have it yet, and the three BLE radiation simulation sources. Therefore, those who were already utilizing the RDM only need these BLE sources.

Small & Large Radiation Simulation Areas

The characteristics of ChemProX BLE radiation simulation sources are based on real radioactive nuclides’ features. The BLE simulation sources’ gamma dose rates behave as real ones, selected nuclides in open space without shielding-factors. The selected nuclides, these activities, and dose rates can also be used for training common dose rate limits, like personal decontamination limits and NOT ENTER -limits. The BLE radiation simulation sources can also be used to simulate the operators accumulative dose.

Small BLE Radiation Simulation Source

The small source for point contamination is based on Technetium-99m (TC-99m) 400MBq radioactive nuclide characteristics which is commonly used in medical diagnostics. This BLE simulation source can be used to simulate small radioactive sources, contamination, personal contamination and decontamination results, or a person’s radioactivity level after a medical diagnostics. This BLE simulation source can be “seen” from approx. 5-meter distance. Did you know that an isotope patient can emit a dose rate of up to 30 microSv/h from 1 meter distance?

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Radiotherapy patient check before leaving the hospital.

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Security check at transportation hub.

Medium BLE Radiation Simulation Source

The medium source’s characteristics are based on Cesium-137 (CS-137) 16 GBq. CS-137 is commonly used in industry and medical applications like calibrations, flow meters, thickness gauges and X-ray machines. The medium BLE simulation source can be used for simulating lost and orphan sources, dirty bomb contamination or, hidden source localisations. This radiation simulation source dose rate can be seen from up to 40 meters distance. Did you know that normal X-ray machines gamma CS-137 source activity varies from 37 MBq to 37 GBq?

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Lost radioctive source: localizing radioactive material.

Large BLE Radiation Simulation Source

The large source is planned to simulate large area contamination, powerful lost and orphan radioactive sources and “small” area nuclear fallout. For this purpose, the selected isotope is Cobalt-60 (Co-60) 82 GBq. The Co-60 is commonly used in gamma-ray scanners, sterilisation of medical equipment, source for radiotherapy and in many industry applications. This BLE high simulation source can be seen from up to 100 meters distance. The selected source and its high activity / high dose rate simulates also both the NOT ENTER-limits (100mSv/h), and the sensitive detector’s radiation overload feature. Did you know that Co-60 is not naturally existence on earth, it is man-made in nuclear reactors?

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Car suspicious of hidding radioactive material.

ChemProX-RDM with BLE simulation sources is  a cutting-edge tool for practicing, training and use under the chemicals and gamma radiation. With these easy and safe simulation features the incident scenario can be framed through fast and safely manners anywhere and in anytime without harming operators, trainers and the environment.

ChemProX RDM with BLE radiation simulation sources has already been delivered to various customers to enhance their capabilities to respond against CWA, TIC and gamma radiation threats.

Did You Know About These Operational Limits?

Real-time radiation dose rate warning and alarm level by IAEA:

  • Warning 1 Warning Level 1: 10 microSv/h (Indication action level)
  • Warning 2 Warning Level 2: 100 microSv/h (Radiation warning level, marking level)
  • Alarm 1 Low Level: 1 mSv/h (Radiation alarm level, public evacuation level)
  • Alarm 2 Medium Level: 10 mSv/h (Restricted access level)
  • Alarm 3 High Level: 100 mSv/h (Only critical works and actions level)

Collected Dose limits by IAEA:

  • Warning 1 Warning Level 1: 5 mSv
  • Warning 2 Warning Level 2: 20 mSv (An effective average dose over 5 year)
  • Alarm 1 Low Level: 50 mSv (An effective dose of 1 year)
  • Alarm 2 Medium Level: 100 mSv (An effective dose of 5 years)
  • Alarm 3 High Level: 250 mSv (1/2 of an equivalent dose (500mSv) in 1 year)

MBq = Mega Becquerel, activity
GBq = Giga Becquerel, activity

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