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A System Designed for CBRN Threat Early Warning in Naval Environment

Bertin Environics has introduced the new X-System for Naval and Maritime CBRN early warning. The X-System enables a new way of designing a system set-up and lay-out. In this white paper I will share some insights on how to utilize the key benefits of the new X-System when implementing CBRN monitoring system into naval and maritime vessels.

The X-System is purposed to give the ship’s crew an early warning, when there is a Chemical, Biological or Radiological/Nuclear threat present. It is vital that the crew gets the warning as soon as possible, to be able to protect themselves and the vessel. Bertin Environics’ X-System includes ChemProX-DS chemical detector, ENVI BioScout biological detector, RanidX radiation detector and related data management solutions with state-of-the-art situational awareness software EnviScreen Operix. Naturally, all related project, support, training and after-sales services are included in Bertin Environics’ operational scope.

The Basis of CBRN Monitoring

The design of a CBRN monitoring system for naval vessels begins with risk assessment and the evaluation of the protection level needed for the end-users’ health and safety. Risk evaluation defines the Chemical, Biological and/or Radiological threat level at the vessel’s operational environment and this risk level defines the scope for CBRN monitoring and protection.

In addition to the risk assessment, there are rules and guidance from different stakeholders such as Classification Society (IACS) and Nato, which give valuable guidelines, on how to design and build an appropriate system.

The cost is always a major factor when the user selects the suitable system for CBRN protection and monitoring. During the evaluation of the system design, it is always important to make thorough calculations of the lifecycle costs for the whole system, in addition to the included devices and project costs. The system is useless if the user cannot afford to use it with full capacity, for the whole lifetime of the ship.

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Arto Penttinen

CBRN Application Manager

I am Arto, a CBRN professional working in the field since 2003. In my early years in this business I have been in the Product Management field, but recently I have been mostly involved in CBRN Naval & Maritime System Project Management.

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