10 Years with certified EMS

Just like it happens with Quality Management Systems (QMS), an Environmental Management System building, maintaining and continuous improvement relies on a long-term commitment. Environics’ same type of commitment can be seen also from an initial certification of ISO 14001 which dates back to 26th of June, 2012.

On this post, I will walk you through what are my insights after a decade of working with an Environmental Management System.

Smart Use of Resources

When developing an EMS you will need to know what are your significant environmental aspects. This helps you to channel development recourses to essential issues.

Environmental aspects are usually elements that consume resources. Saving energy, material and logistics resources usually translates into saving environment and money. Development necessities are also much easier to justify when there are visible savings in cash.

Life Cycle Management

You can also make sustainable choices and use your resources wisely in terms of life cycle management.
Product life cycle management starts from Research & Development stage. From the obvious performance and usability aspects, this is the stage where production, reliability, maintainability, availability, testability and safe use are designed. Through a proper and adequate life cycle management, Environics’ products are designed to have a long service life and low maintenance costs.

chemprox, penggunaan pelatihan

ChemProX built-in simulation training mode was developed to avoid the acquisition of extra training kits.

How We Close the Cycle

First thing that come in to peoples mind when speaking of EMS is recycling. Our internal recycling process has evolved into a great state over the years. Each type of material that can be recycled will be recycled by means that are most suitable.

Recycling process starts by collecting information of possible contamination. We ask this information on our customers to secure safe working conditions to each person involved in the process. If needed, decontamination is done by our internal instructions.

Once we have verified that the device is safe to handle, the device is disassembled and the parts are sorted into the correct recycling fractions. After that each type of fraction is recycled together with our recycling partners.

If your devices needs maintenance or are at end-of-life follow this link.  https://www.environics.fi/maintenance-upgrades/


When Environics devices reach their end-of-life, users are instructed to ship them back to the headquarters, where qualified professionals will disassemble the units and send the components to the right recycling processes.


With or without ISO 14001, you must be compliant with laws and regulations related to your operations. These obligations need to be identified to be fulfilled. This is not a one-time action but a continuous work. As a certified actor, your compliance management process will be under continuous development and scheduled review with audits. With a certified EMS it is easier to demonstrate compliance to your interested parties.


A certified Environmental Management System needs, of course, to be audited internally by your own resources, and externally by a certification partner.
Audits are the moments to check if the requirements are met, but an important part of these is also to learn new strategies to improve your EMS and spread awareness of it. With improved awareness you are more likely to get personnel to bring new opportunities for improvement.

Continuous Improvement

As mentioned, constant and continuous improvement is necessary for an efficient environmental management system. Your organization and the world around it are under constant change, so, having a certified EMS gives you tools to adapt to these changes and also to lead them for next decades to come.

A company with an Environment Management System is a reliable partner for the most demanding customers’ satisfaction.

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Arttu Halonen

Quality Manager

I am Arttu, working in CBRN business since 2008. My time here in Environics is divided between working with quality and environmental management systems and internal information systems.

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