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Utilizing ChemProX in a Suspected Clandestine Laboratory Case

Suspected Clandestine Laboratory Case Disclaimer

The facts and operational actions expressed in the following content are merely illustrative and represent a potential case scenario. These are not based on the standard operation procedures of any organization.

Case Scenario: Suspected Clandestine Meth Laboratory

The law enforcement agency receives a call regarding the existence of a suspected clandestine lab.
The suspected illegal narcotic laboratory was a trailer parked nearby a residential area. Based on information gathered from previous reports and observations, it was suspected that the scene might contain unknown chemicals, and other compounds in liquid or solid form.

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Taking into account the threatening potential of the scene, the law enforcement agency officers from a specialized Hazmat unit were equipped with chemical detection equipment and sent to the area.
While it was important to acknowledge what exactly kind of threats might be present in the scene, the priority was to ensure the safety of the law enforcement officers. With the suspect already apprehended and taken into custody, the direct threats of physical violence and harm were ruled out.

IMS Technology

Field Detection Utilizing ChemProX

In order to further examine the interior of trailer, the hazmat unit officers were equipped with ChemProX, a handheld gas and vapor chemical detector, based on IMS technology.
ChemProX was utilized as a “first in alarm” to quickly survey the narcotics laboratory for immediate, potentially dangerous chemical threats. Not only it was important to quickly see if the chemical levels inside the trailer might pose a threat, but it was also important to understand where the possible chemical leak source is located.

  1. Choose the Detection Mode
  2. Follow the Trend Line
  3. Alarm!
  4. Safety Ensured by ChemProX
  5. Further Analysis with Complementary Technologies


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Mika Saarinen

Product Manager Handheld Chemical Detection

I am Mika, a relatively new face in the CBRN business and eagerly learning new things every day. I have grown my expertise especially in the handheld chemical detection segment bringing fresh thoughts and insights to the subject.

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  1. Liliana Caninenberg

    Hello Mika,
    This is Liliana from company deconta GmbH in Germany. We are a manufacturing company of devices for decontamination, such as the removal of asbestos in buildings and constructinon sites. Recently we have entered the CBRN area with decon systems (air polution, decon showers and sewagewaters filtration to prevent any poluting agent to enter the enviorment). I am interesing in reading your white paper regardin the chemical detection.
    Thank you
    Best regards

    Liliana Caninenberg

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