Calibration vs No Calibration

In the world of chemical detectors, calibration is a term that is rather widely seen and used.

Monthly (or other scheduled) practices help ensure that the equipment remains operational and reliable during its whole lifecycle.

Along the years, many devices have advanced to a point where the intelligence within the device can determine, when it is time to conduct necessary measures in order to keep the performance on an optimized level. While the chain of actions itself, calibrate -> use the device -> re-calibrate, is clear and rather self-explanatory, wouldn’t it be convenient, that in order to keep the equipment in top shape, no calibration would be required at all?

Here are five topics, on how from this perspective ChemProX could bring huge “quality of life” improvements to the daily tasks of a first responder or soldier.

No-calibration Benefits

1. Time

Even though the means or methods for calibration may be rather simple, especially when done periodically, it takes its own time. It is not perhaps the process itself but the fact that the calibration is a recurring periodic practice and has to be conducted e.g. monthly. ChemProX requires no calibration at all, to be conducted by the end-user.

2. Logistics

Calibration gases and “cradles” bring their own logistics burden. Eventually calibration gases run out and they need to be re-supplied. Not only is this a logistics issue but also a financial burden.

3. Costs

Depending on the method, calibration setup consists of multiple different pieces. Purchasing and maintaining the calibration setup can be a rather costly practice. ChemProX uses a simple confidence check tube that can be used to verify the correct performance of the detector, in just few minutes.

4. Simplicity

Calibration and related good practices, are always a matter of training and maintaining that ability. Usually the process also requires the user to refer to a manual or other guideline in order to ensure each calibration step is conducted correctly. ChemProX requires no calibration and in addition to that, the basic operation of ChemProX is instructed even in the detector’s own graphical user interface.

5. Equipment Readiness

Not having the need to calibrate or perform any other weekly or monthly practices, ChemProX is always ready for operation, even after a longer period of storage.

Confidence Check

For ChemProX to detect CWAs and TICs with optimal chemical detection capabilities, all it takes is that the operator runs a quick confidence check after starting up the device. The instructions for performing this procedure and in-built in the detector itself, and will appear in the display as a step-by-step guide, complemented with depicting images.

This is such an easy task that it can be done already on the way to the incident scene! What else could an operator ask for?

Calibrate Your Chemical Detector… Or Maybe Not?

Illustrative images of ChemProX confidence test depictive in-built guide.

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