Spectrometric Radiation Source Locator for RanidPro200

RanidSOLO is an efficient and innovative device that bridges the “missing link” of radiation source localization in field operations. Its high precision automated method is able to calculate the estimated location direction of one or multiple radiation sources in a short time frame of approx. 12 seconds.

The results from the measurements done in the field can be checked immediately in loco by the operators (on the smartphone / toughpad display) or can be collected and analysed together by the command centre.

This highly sensitive equipment is based on LaBr3, 1.5”x1.5” LaBr3 scintillator with an automated rotating attenuator, detects gamma radiation and provides the direction towards the source, when combined to a small rotating attenuator. This component acts as a small shield that reduces the signal and creates the cone “pointing” to the estimated source direction. The automated localization method can achieve a high precision (a few degrees).