Training Manager and CBRN Specialist, Toni Leikas conducted a pratical onsite training for the Hellenic Fire Service — Special Unit for Disaster Management (EMAK) — in Greece, on the 23rd of November 2021.

Environics has recently delivered ChemProX new generation handheld detectors, and Envi Assay System biodefence tests to EMAK via local representative Polyeco.

Utilizing ChemProX for Disaster Management in Greece

Training Manager and CBRN Specialist, Toni Leikas about to start the training session together with Hellenic Fire Service — Special Unit for Disaster Management (EMAK) team, at Polyeco’s facilities.

The practical exercise was arranged in an “as realistic as possible environment” within Polyeco’s warehouse and storage area.

Training exercise conducted at Polyeco’s facilities, in Mandra area, Athens.

The training comprised a full run-through on ChemProX’s training feature capabilities, including the  inbuilt Mobile Command & Control and Training Software, that can be used for creating simulation scenarios, and the Simulation Source Set.

Operators from EMAK being trained for using ChemProX unique trend line feature for point source screening with Bluetooth Simulation Sources.

How do operators benefit from ChemProX training feature?

  • Possibility for creating and practicing on on-site training scenarios, without endangering the training attendees
  • Different complexity threat scenarios set up through a software interface
  • Users get familiar with the real device, with a blue-color clearly indicated active training mode on on the interface

What are Bluetooth Sources?

Together with the C&C Training software, Bluetooth Sources allow the trainer to take full advantage of ChemProX inbuilt Training mode, by simulating various types of training scenarios with different agents and dispersion sizes.

For further information on the potentiality of ChemProX Training mode feature, we suggest watching the webinar “It’s a Detector… It’s a Simulator… It’s ChemProX“.