Practical Experience of ChemProX Trainings

The webinar¬†It’s a Detector… It’s a Simulator… It’s ChemProX – Practical Experiences of ChemProX Trainings was first broadcasted on March 27th 2020 and takes about 40 minutes. The host is Toni Leikas, Training Manager & CBRN Specialist. This webinar is part of a series of three sessions that aimed to deepen the understanding of different aspects of handheld chemical detection.

The other webinars included in this series concentrate on the rule of thumb for chemical detection and the usage of additional information and databases in field chemical detection.

It’s a Detector… It’s a Simulator… It’s ChemProX – Practical Experiences of ChemProX Trainings focuses on how ChemProX versatile features can be utilized in the field.

Xpand Your Training to the Next Level

One detector as a multi-use tool, a real detector for real scenarios, with an in-built simulator to train real scenarios. This webinar goes through the many training possibilities offered by ChemProX, mentioning their various example scenarios, purpose  of training, training object, execution, and common mistakes.

Bluetooth sources allow for:

  • Point source simulation, e.g. screening personal contamination or checking decontamination results.
  • Medium area reconnaissance simulation, e.g. in a home laboratory case.
  • Large area monitoring, e.g. in a case of a leaking container, where operators will need to use in-built databases and follow response tactics.

Ultimately, the ChemProX Mobile Command & Control and Training User Interface (CCT UI), a web user interface with maps tool, allows for simulating a large area chemical accident, in an example scenario where a chemical truck or container is leaking and causes a large dispersion chemical cloud. There may be victims on the scene.

How should operators proceed in such situation?

ChemProX Mobile C&C and Training. Practical experience of ChemProX trainings at NCT Europe 2019.

Chemical contamination areas created using ChemProX Mobile C&C and Training built-in software.

All in all, ChemProX is more than a basic chemical early-warning detector. ChemProX new generation handheld chemical detector is an instrument for teaching, learning, practicing, testing, and tackling real threats.

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