A successful Factory Acceptance Test was held at the end of February in Environics facilities, ensuring that 2 Naval CRN detection systems for OPVs (Offshore Patrol Vessels) from the Norwegian Coast Guard (Kystvakten) are built and operating in accordance with design specifications.

As the name indicates, a FAT testing is performed at the factory, before the system is shipped and installed — in this case, into the vessels — and this was the first FAT which process was conducted 100% online.

CRN System Solution components during FAT: ChemProDM chemical detector with heated sample line, Rugged Master Module data processing unit of EnviScreen Monitoring Systems, remote alarm unit, and radiation detector.

This FAT concerns to the first delivery of a contract awarded in November 2021 with VARD a Fincantieri company, a Norwegian shipbuilder of high-quality specialized vessels for the global market, located in Ålesund, Norway. The contract comprises three (3) CRN detection systems, the first 2 systems to be delivered in 2022, and a third one in 2023, all to be installed into Offshore Patrol Vessels.

So far, organizations from 19 different countries around the globe are using Environics’ fixed naval CBRN systems, in a total of over 100 vessels, ranging from Patrol Vessels, to Frigates, or even Amphibious Assault Ships.