Environics Achieving Remarkable Steps for Business Growth in China CBRN Field

In the last quarter of 2021, we have opened a new regional office strategically located in Beijing, more precisely in Haidian district. Together with a local sales team headed by Sales Manager Yuchao Xiong, the aim was to strengthen Environics presence and foster new business opportunities in the China CBRN market.

We start the year of 2022 with a positive sight, as we have already established cooperation with two local partners focused on rescue and on public security industries. These partnerships are targeted at providing better services for relevant Chinese organizations in these fields.

Furthermore, we have already received the first order of new generation handheld chemical detectors via one of our new local dealers.

Since 1998, Environics has delivered more than 1,600 chemical detectors to China Civil Defense Organizations. Environics chemical detectors are currently in use in Beijing & Shanghai metro stations.

China Civil Defense Organizations

Fire, wild, and work safety rescue teams are the main components of China’s rescue forces, with a total of more than 450,000 members, responsible for fire rescue, natural disaster rescue, traffic accident rescue, chemical accident rescue, among other duties.

At the same time, the police force, with a total number of about 2 million, undertakes the responsibility of maintaining public security and preventing and combating terrorist activities.

Environics CBRN Solutions, will help continuing to tackle emerging and evolving chemical hazards in Chinese territory.