ChemProX CBRN Kit Goes West

This week our production is shipping another notable batch of devices to the USA. Over 20 ChemProX CBRN Kit complete CBRN threat detection sets are ready to leave our facilities in Mikkeli, Finland.

ChemProX CBRN Kit Relevant Shipment to the USA 2

ChemProX CBRN Kits in Environics Mikkeli headquarters, ready to be shipped to the United States of America.

ChemProX CBRN Kit — a comprehensive set that expands ChemProX handheld chemical detector for full CBRN threat detection — will be enhancing chemical, biological and radiation hazard preparedness and response capabilities of different first response and military related organizations. ChemProX CBRN Kit was officially released on July 2021.

As a reminder, earlier this year the US Department of Homeland Security/FEMA found Environics open-loop IMS detection “technologically superior”.

Thousands of Environics’ handheld chemical detectors are already being used every day by First Responders and HAZMAT teams in the USA and Canada, to quickly and easily detect and localize numerous chemical threats.