First Things First

Employee survey from this millenium

Bertin Environics received once again the Future Workplaces certification approximately one year after its first award in February 2023. This certificate is earned by leading the workplace culture with exceptional employee insight, since all of the employees in the company are asked to answer the Siqni survey. This survey collects information on the most meaningful factors for the team members at work, and how well these topics are realised and handled.

Why Siqni?

The traditional way of conducting employee surveys has come to an end

Siqni survey provides a fresh, individual-driven way to understand employees and develop the organization.

Siqni is an employee survey in which an employee first selects the five things that are most relevant to them and then tells how these should materialize. By these means, Siqni helps management to focus on the things that really matter, to create a corporate culture where the most meaningful factors can be fulfilled and enables better conversations.

“As CEO/President of Bertin Environics I am very proud of this achievement and recognition.
We have been deeply commited on conducting systematic actions to improve or employees work experience, and I am sure that each team member feels they have contributed to improve the work life in our organization.
I am very happy to see the results and I am sure we can be even better in the future.”

CEO, Kirsi Hedman