An #EmployeeInsight Based Certification

Environics received a Future Workplaces certification in February 2023. This certificate is earned by leading the workplace culture with exceptional employee insight, since all of the employees in the company are asked to answer the Siqni survey. This survey collects information on the most meaningful factors for the team members at work, and how well these topics are realised and handled.

About Siqni Survey

Siqni is an entirely new employee survey in which staff memebers select five factors that are most meaningful for them, and then explain how these are fulfilled and/or how these should be fulfilled. The answers will helps those in charge to understand what matters most to the team and prioritise the development actions correctly.

Siqni helps managers to lead better.

Siqni allows for better macro and micro management. Managers and direct supervisors learn which factors affect the motivation and well-being of their own group in the workplace, and how well these materialize in everyday life.


#EnvironicsTeam celebrating the occasion at the headquarters in Mikkeli.

“Recognition is common to all of us. Together we have made this workplace good. Let’s continue in the same way and develop further.”

CEO, Kirsi Hedman