CBRN Training

The training modules of the CBRN Training Packages are designed to be flexible and to enable utilizing existing equipment as much as possible. Hence the organization to be trained can use their own equipment and operational procedures during the training sessions. This makes the training better targeted to the particular organization’s needs and the trainees will get appropriate preparedness to use the CBRN equipment and procedures during crisis. All user and maintenance training module packages are certified and based on Environics standards and best practices.

User Training

Modular & customized to fit goals and learning requirements

Environics trainings consist of scalable, modular training packages and levels, to match customer needs. The goals and learning requirements for the trainings follow international recommendations and standards. Participants knowledge is tested and those passing the training will receive a certificate.

Level 1 • Technical Level Training
Technical Level Training is targeted for technical persons and end-users to obtain basic information about the product. The Training package contains online-training and support for the selected product. The training provides information of a product’s main features, basic user functions such as start-up and shutting down procedures, and user level maintenance tasks. Online training package varies according to the product; it can be recorded training with online-support or full online-training. The Level 1 Training is included in the product price.
Level 2 • Basic User Training
Basic User Training is for end-users to get basic know-how to operate the product. On-site Basic User Training package is a hands-on training with theoretical background information of the subject. The training provides knowledge of CBRNE threats and risks, general technical and tactical guidance, and detailed information and know-how of the device operation. Basic User Training always includes the Level 1 Maintenance Training.
Level 3 • Practical Training
On-site Practical Training deepens the content of Basic User Training into practice. The training focuses on the tactical use of devices/systems in various circumstances. The theoretical knowledge is extended to a particular threat – such as radiation or chemical warfare agents, etc. – depending on the practical training subject. The training is diversified with the use of simulators and simulants.
Level 4 • Advanced Training
Practical On-site Advanced Training refreshes and expands the end-user’s skills and know-how of products and systems. It can be tailored for end-users and operators, as well as done as a refresh training of products adding new tactical aspects. Advanced Training focuses on real operations in different scenarios. Advanced Training is planned as LivEx as possible in relation to the operators’ level of knowledge.
Recommended as a refresh training 6 – 12 months post-delivery or as an annual operator training to increase knowledge.
CBRN System Training
The CBRN System Training consists of products’ Basic User Training and Practical Training modules. The content and durations are always planned according the CBRN system platform and environment with the customer. The CBRN System Training consists of basic knowledge of CBRN threats, system components’ hands-on training, the system’s step-by-step guidance and practical use of, without forgetting User and Unit Level preventive maintenance actions. CBRN System Train-the-Trainer aspect is included in the training content when the audience consists of organisation’s instructors.


Maintenance Training

Troubleshooting & optimized performance

Environics’ Maintenance Trainings provide know-how and skills to conduct product and system maintenance tasks for optimal performance. The training is formulated on user’s maintenance tasks and troubleshooting, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.

Level 1 • User and Unit Level Maintenance Training
User and Unit Level Maintenance Training is for all operators and always included in the product User Training. The training provides skills to perform user and unit tasks to maintain product in operation. This level includes actions that does not require tools or devices.
Level 2 • Field Level Maintenance Training
The Field Level Maintenance Training is targeted for maintenance staff and requires more technical understanding. The training provides skills to perform User Level maintenance and Field Level preventive repair tasks. This level requires special tools, softwares, and maintenance manuals. The Field Level Maintenance Training certificate is valid for 2 years and it can be renewed by participating in a refresh training.
Level 3 • Depot Level Maintenance Training
The 3rd Level Maintenance Training is targeted for technicians and requires advanced technical understanding. The training provides know-how to perform all levels of preventive maintenance tasks and workshop level corrective repairs. This training level requires special tools, softwares, maintenance manuals, and dedicated facilities. The Depot Level Maintenance Trainings certification is valid for 2 years and it can be renewed by participating in a refresh training.


CBRN Training Courses

Environics has performed various CBRN Training Courses during the past 30 years. Training courses are always designed based on customer needs and their level of background knowledge. As an example, Environics has conducted 5 days CBRN Basic Training courses for First Responders to offer understanding of the CBRN environment, and 2 weeks courses for CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle operators on how to operate the system and perform tactical reconnaissance.

Standardized Trainings

Environics Standardized Trainings are executed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 (2015) Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2008 (2015) Environmental Management System.
All operations in Environics have also been audited and certified against AQAP 2110.