2-Day CBRN Hub in Mikkeli

After a hiatus of 2 years due to the global spread of sars-cov-2, Q2 of 2022 is serving us a glimpse of normality, creating again the conditions for Environics Oy to host another edition of Partner Days.
During two days — June 8th and 9th — the gathering took place at Environics headquarters in Mikkeli (Finland) with some trusted partners from 10 different countries, to share the latest developments on Environics’ CBRN Monitoring Solutions.


Day 1

CBRN Monitoring Systems Focus

The first day of Environics Partner Days 2022 was dedicated to our CBRN Monitoring System solutions. VP of Sales Johannes Leppihalme opened the session with a trivia game on Finland’s curiosities and fun-facts, followed by a company status generic presentation where topics like the overcoming of the challenging business situation were tackled.

Application Managers Arto Penttinen and Katja Kiukas were the next presenters, focusing on CBRN System Solutions for Naval & Maritime and Armoured Applications, respectively.

Partner-Days-Day 1 trivia session

Environics team members and partners attentively watching Johannes Leppihalme presentation on the actions and solutions taken to overcome a business global challenging situation.


Keeping regular coffee breaks to ensure the guests keep up with the Finns’ level of consumption of 12 kilograms of coffee per capita annually (answer to one of the trivia game questions), and promote active discussions among the staff and participants.

The day proceeded with a visit to Environics production facilities, for showcasing a CBRN demo system and its features.

Just like in trade shows, having the opportunity to see a demo CBRN System mounted to wall always raises the audience’s levels of interest.


Digital channels are, indeed, an imperative tool for doing business nowadays, but nothing replaces a genuine face-to-face way to convey and share ideas.


Product Manager of CBRN Systems & Software Petri Kiukas hosting a presentation on the latest features and updates of EnviScreen Operix CBRN Monitoring System Software.

Day 2

Handheld Chemical Detection Focus

The second day of the event was entirely focused on Environics core business: handheld chemical detection solutions. The day started with a walk through on ChemProX newest updates by Product Manager of Handheld Chemical Detectors Mika Saarinen, followed by a group workshop. The partners were given the chance of trying on the device’s new features and accessories under the guidance of Environcis specialized staff.

These novelties included the ChemProX CBRN Kit, particularly the radiation detector module ChemProX RDM.


ChemProx is under continuous development to be able to tackle a contantly evolving threat.

But the day was just about to “take off” as the next presentation was hosted by Nordic Drones, with which Environics has been working together for developing an Unmanned Chemical Reconnaissance solution, utilizing ChemProX and featuring a dynamic 2-way communication for remote detector control.


Nordic Drones develops “multipurpose” high-quality aerial system solutions for professional use. Adding ChemProX to their drone SkyDrone7 is their latest integration.


SkyDrone7 is designed for authorities, for demanding high level security use. ChemProX is easily mounted onto it, without external hardware or software, and chemical detection capability can be added to remotely controlled applications within minutes.

After some flying and software usage demos, the event attendees accepted the challenge to board on a field training activity. Proper PPE gear was provided in order to make the device operation and user experience as real as possible. The activity consisted on finding bluetooth chemical simulation sources spread around the headquarters area, using ChemProX‘s trend line and training mode.


Partners wearing protective equipment to better simulate the user experience on the field.

Environics team ensured the ChemProX devices were properly set up for the exercise, and followed the surveying to ensure the readings were correctly interpreted.

Different intensity levels of bluetooth sources were used: medium and point source. This called for differend field procedures.

See You Again in 2023

“Environics prepared the Partner Days to be hands-on and the whole Team leveraged the opportunity to the maximum. We greeted each other hands-on, engaged to training sessions hands-on, enjoyed meals together hands-on and said good bye to each other hands-on. This is the way to co-operate and grow business together for years to come.

We are looking forward to the next opportunity to meet again!”

VP of Sales Johannes Leppihalme